Be Holy

Last night I had a dream that I was on a beach, and there was sexual perversion all around me. From provocative music coming from my right, and to my left I saw a building that I knew was a production studio for pornography. I saw many many, things. A lot of things disgusted me. It was symbolic for breeding ground for sexual sin, which happened to be a weakness of mine. A beach is a place where people don’t wear much clothing, after all.

In the dream, I heard people calling each other profane names of which I don’t remember, but it highlighted to me that these people did not treat people how they wanted to be treated as Jesus taught. As I was waking up I heard, “The love of many shall grow cold,” over and over until I woke up. (Matthew 24:12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.) When I mulled over the meaning of the dream by going over the scenes, I heard, “In this environment things can grow. You must be careful.” This made me realise that I need to be more aware and careful of what music I listen to and what I watch on Television. And that just by listening to the music, as I was doing in the dream I was partaking in the iniquity that was going on.

*** If you carry nothing away from this message, remember this: Eat good and whole foods, listen to wholesome, positive music, and if you must watch television, let it be fruitful (For me, that was watching hours of korean melodramas, and I could feel the impact on my heart being affected somehow because of the appearance of evil workers, so I was convicted to stop). Look out for the people around you, that they are not speaking death into your life. You also must watch your tongue, (1 Peter 1: 15-17) You do not want to be tainted by negativity and ungodly tendencies. You were bought with a price and so you must protect yourself from the lion who goes around seeking whom he may devour. Watch out for what may enter into your gates; they are meant to be holy.

The eyes are meant to behold, and connect and perceive.

The ears are meant to receive the word of God and love and truth into our hearts.

The mouth is meant to feed your body, and speak words of wisdom, kindness, truth, encouragement and life into others–thus feeding the spirit. The word of God precedes out of the mouth of God, and this is what we ought to live on.

The nostrils are meant for the exchange of giving and receiving— Inhaling and exhaling– so is our exchange with the most high. His spirit gives us the breath of life and we receive by saying, “Thank you.” Without God’s breath we are just clay of the earth–lifeless dust. We give back our love by the praise we give to the Most High and His son, Jesus, because they bless us so.

The Vagina or the Yoni is a canal for a new soul to travel and be birthed into the world. It is life; it is a fresh garden for man to visit to plant his own seeds of life into woman and bring forth life from that Eden. It is connection between man plus woman which equals Elohim, and reflective of the glory of God. We are Eden. And ever since the man had fallen and gotten himself banned from the garden, he has always, always tried to come back.

The Most High told me to protect my garden and to not ever let a stranger enter therein. For that sin can defile and contaminate the bushes and the wild, wild flowers from within. “But the one to whom I give the key to your garden, He will be Holy. He will be worthy. Be ye holy as I am Holy.”

So is my Body a Holy temple so only a holy man can enter and drink the consecrated waters from my streams; it is my glory and His alone.

All this I’ve written to say, The Holy Spirit has inspired me through the dream to be holy in a society that does not love God, nor regard the temple in which He dwells as a sacred place of Worship. This is about different “gates” and parts of the body that societal thinking (society= you+me)  has tainted and what they are really meant for.

Some recommended songs:

  • Mikey General – Cut And Clear,
  • Snatam Kaur – song of your heart