Meditation on Genesis 3

Gen 3:
When Adam and Eve sinned they realised that they were naked. Physically they were probably always naked but I think that in a spiritual sense they were stripped of their robes of righteousness (Isa 61:10) which led to spiritual nakedness…shame, guilt and fear. Adam and Eve hid themselves from God. like we often hide. Sometimes we delay coming to him because we think we’ve got to get it together right now.
In fact, God never hid from them. He was seeking them saying, “Where are you?” And I think that still reflects who God is today, always seeking us to repent and get into communion with Him no matter what we’ve done. I remember one time when I did something wrong, I could feel Him inviting me back into his arms, into his presence where I belong.

To me, “Who told you you were naked?” translates into, “Who told you something was wrong with you in the first place?”, “Who told you you’re not (blank) enough? This reminds me of when the enemy whispers lies to us about things we become insecure about. The battle is in our minds and I think he uses it to fire arrows. He wants us to be ashamed and guilty, etc and steal our joy and peace and paradise from us. He hates when we have loving relationships with God and each other, so he seeks to destroy them by telling us things that make sense, but not the right kind!


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