Response to Baker Kee’s “Art as Ashe”

“Kujichagulia: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves instead of being defined, named, created for and spoken for by others.”

I was reading an article about assemblage in art and this quote caught my eyes. I truly love and adore this quote. It resonates with me…It speaks depth about something within me, key to my identity; creating and defining who I am. The media, that does not know me, will not take that away from me… something or some language used to make me apologize for being who I am. I will not.

My response to the quote goes as follows (excerpt of one of my poems):


I do not create for fame…out of shame, but claim…claiming my divinity as an art-ist.

with my golden pen I speak my truth and assert myself as

Goddess on paper

And BLACK female whose image

has been maimed and shamed, profaned

Must erase the image on the chalk board

and wash the residue too.

Art is freedom and voice of knowledge to speakers and listeners…

though they may be few.

I say

Facilitate to liberate and do not let any man have your power;

“To thine own self be true”

I ask, are you your hue? Then what is your power?


WHO YOU ARE that cannot be “excused”

spoken for, or namely abused

for simply being; reiterate–

We create, and therefore we educate.


Art as Ashe article in PDF

Article bibliography:

Baker Kee, J., Bailey, C., Horton, S., McClue, J. & Thomas, L. (2016). Art at Ashe: Collaboration as creative assemblage. Art Education 69(5), 14-19. 


I haven’t really been very diligent about writing regularly. Sorry, guys! I’ve been busy with school and it’s sooooo demanding. However, these past two posts had been written as blog assignments for my art education class; I have deemed them worthy to be on this blog because I have put my creative effort into it and was pleased. So enjoy and stay posted. I’ll try to be more consistent with my posts. Once a week sounds good.

May the sun kiss you, after the rain hits you.


Peace Lillian.


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