Who am I?

I look in the mirror and I like what I see. That much I know.

I met a girl. She was gorgeous in her mind. When she danced I could see a beauty in her that shone brightly…and instantly I wanted to be her. And then the pain of envy hit me so hard. How can someone be so…beautiful?

I want to shine too. I want to be beautiful. But I’m…me. I don’t know how to shine the way I am. It makes me sick how stuck I feel in this body, that I can’t see anything beyond what I want to be or get past who I am.

So many people die with that light, that dance still in them. I won’t be one of them.

Not me.

I want to be beautiful like her so much it makes me sick. It makes me loathe myself in comparison, though I know I should not. I could be great too.

I could be.

I take a second look into the mirror and I figure that this is who I am. This is my style and nobody can be like me. Nobody can be me. Nobody can give what solely I can give. I am beautiful. I want the world to know that. But I won’t try to prove it. I won’t try to persuade them. I’ll just… be.

Music:Concept ft. Conscious – Moonwalking on the sun/clams casino- I’m God


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