A word from Spirit.

I have so many grudges. I have so much anger boiling inside me. I close my eyes and all I feel is hurt. Why though?

What I hear spirit say is that I need to start thanking everything and everybody. God is using them to make me stronger. Using them to make me better. The past is the past. But where are you now? The now becomes your future. You are the legacy of the ancestors, now GO! GO and be who you are supposed to be.

Rock your twist outs. ROck your dreads, do you, baby. There ain’t nobody else you gotta cater to. Just do you, and remember, you reap what you sow. Karma is righteous. Karma is fair, Karma is judgement. The scale of Ma’at will weigh your heart. If your heart is as light as a feather, you may enter Nirvana.

That means you have to let go. Let go of that pain. Let go of that hatred. It is not serving you now. BE FREE. What your ancestors want you to be. BE FREE. LOVE and PEACE and HAPPINESS and FORGIVENESS. That is all you. It all belongs to you. Abundance, prosperity, health, and wealth will follow you, because that is what you are.

I hear you, Spirit. Even in my friend’s voice I can hear you. PLease do not stop speaking to me. Please show me how to learn. SHow me how to break through the barriers. SHow me how to forgive and love and love and forgive. You are light. You are GODDESS being. KNOW YOUR HEART KNOW YOUR ESSENCE, earth child. SHINE.

Unplug from that which drains you. I will help you take steps you need to carry on. I will show you the way. Do not believe the hatred. Follow the collective consciousness of the conscious ones.


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