I’m overwhelmed with the work I have to do. Though I do have fun learning. It feels good to make connections with the things I was taught, and now know. I am doing well so far, but I know I must pace myself and push myself forward, as well. Sometimes I feel like giving up.

I made some friends. And some acquaintances. That’s okay. I know they will soon become friends. A stranger may become a friend.

I may be shy sometimes, but when it counts I’m always there. Especially for myself.

I am learning about myself, too, and I thank God.

I am a natural leader. Perhaps not loud. I am gentle. I am patient, but I like to listen to everybody. Because every voice counts. And I like to be friendly, so that everyone feels no ill-will. That’s just unnecessary. I feel guilty as I am trying to let some things go.

It’s okay. I will find something. I will write, write to my heart’s content.

I can breathe out… Inhale. Life: it courses through me. And when I walk away, and when my hips sway, and then I look into the mirror. Honestly, I can say I love me. And I love to see my soul looking right back at me. Smiling eyes. Shining brightly.

Fuck what they say; I like you, boo.


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