Can you define beauty? Everyone believes in it. We impose it onto others, as if it’s the only thing that matters. What or who qualifies for this “beautiful” attribute? Beauty is important, but only beyond the skin that we are in. Why would one judge me and hurt me, saying I am ugly?

Who made you the great grand judge to name what you can see? Your eyes are not to be trusted. You have your own opinion; I’m just me. What’s wrong with that? I don’t want to look like everybody else. Why should I follow you? And who made you my boss?

Blond hair, blue eyes; light skin, nice tan: Is this what you call beautiful, what we all have to look like? Everyone knows that shit just ain’t possible for most of us; so why the fuck do you demand it? I don’t want to be like you. I like my dark skin; it has been my soul’s blanket for many years. My nose is not straight. Neither is my hair. But it’s mine. Heaven gave it to me. How can I not be thankful and give it good food and appreciation?

I don’t care what you say to me. I am beautiful. My beauty comes from within. I may not be beautiful to you…but I am to myself and to many others who see it. I do wonder how somebody like yourself would succumb to that horrible joke. Not even you are what they call beautiful. Especially on the inside. That’s a deeper wound.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. That one is for you.  As within so without.

Guess you got nothing, huh? Well, That’s on you.


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